Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai

Chairman and CEO, MES

We are committed to provide a holistic education based on new generation academics that creates not just powerful global career options for our students, but which empowers them to become key contributors to the community and the environment in which they live. We strive to achieve nation building through character building and we do so through an approach of mentoring.

Dr. Daphne Pillai

Secretary, MES

In this fiercely competitive world, success has several dimensions far widespread than the vortex of academia, spreading its tentacles into diverse fields on which one has to be adept in. Our objective at Pillai’s has always been to create a climate conductive to ‘endeavour’ that students can unleash their untapped potential. At Pillai’s, we will provide you the right environment which will enable you to fulfill all your aspirations and ambitions.

Ms. Annamma Paul

Principal, CEJC

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’
Good education helps in the formation of character, strengthens the mind and intellect and hones the skills of the students.
Truly success in life depends on the harmonious functioning of the body, mind and intellect. With a fine blend of academics, colleges have to become centres where children receive wholesome education for a wholesome life.
Today we live in a highly competitive and individualistic global society where money and might play an important role. Human values of compassion, love and brotherhood are disappearing and are replaced by unbridled competition. To prepare and equip the students to face this reality is a great challenge.
Nature, time and again teaches us that this universe has a special place for every being and we are all meant to live and grow together peacefully.
Hence the youth has to gain the right knowledge and not rote knowledge for the growth of character and development for an all-round personality. The college believes in imparting education to students for their all-round development to create ideal citizens of the nation.
We at CEJC believe that the aim of the education is not only to excel in academic field, but also to provide our students with knowledge and understanding that would nurture the spiritual dimension in them. It is my deep conviction that education must help to raise the individual to a high level of consciousness, awareness and understanding of the realities of today.
Let us channelize our energies to inspire our youth to grow into socially responsible, genuine and courageous leaders of tomorrow.
In conclusion I would like to state that ‘educate our people, so they may be able to solve their own problems. Until that is done, all these ideal reforms will remain ideals only’.

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